Re: RARA-AVIS: Ellroy interview in Rolling Stone

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Date: 02 Nov 2009

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    > Really? I didn't find it so. Ellroy's a curmudgeon but a very interesting one. I thought his political comments were unexpected from what I know of him. What did you dislike about the RS interview? I've read MY DARK PLACES twice so I do identify with this guy and am curious about where he's coming from. Have you read that book? Having that perspective may make his crazier side more approachable. According to that interview, he's spent some time recently in an asylum or at least a mental rehab facility. I felt I needed some time like that after just reading THE COLD SIX THOUSAND, but I did love it. Ellroy is one of our most powerful living voices in any genre of literature.

    I just found the interview incoherent and disagreeable because he does not really get outside himself, it's all ego and sounds like a series of blurbs for himself. He's a great writer, no question.



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