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Date: 28 Oct 2009

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    > I saw Slightly Scarlet yesterday, based on Cain's Love's Lovely Counterfeit. Speaking of which, is Cain's book that melodramatic? It was almost like a noir done by Douglas Sirk. Not that I didn't enjoy it. And Foster Hirsch, author of Film Noir: The Dark Side of the Screen, was there to introduce it.
    > I intend to see several more over the next week and a half, including a double feature of Night Editor and Shakedown. I've been wanting to see Shakedown for almost two decades. (Yes, I could have gone to the grey market, but never quite got around to it.)
    > Mark

    Yes, Cain's book is very melodramatic, lots of emoting and underlining. An awful book. I haven't seen the movie, maybe that stuff works better on the screen than on the page.



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