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    HIGH PRIEST OF CALIFORNIA trumps Thompson and Leonard? In what way? Thompson & Leonard draw characters who may be low lifes or deeply damaged people, but they're struggling with their demons. Russell Haxby is simply a cretin. We can see he's struggling with demons, but he obviously can't. In THE WOMAN CHASER & WILD WIVES the Haxby doppelgangers at least get what they deserve in the end. But Haxby goes right along in his evil way damaging others while he's feeling smug about his job and his clothes and his cars. The book is a pean to a sociopath. Why did you like it so much?

    Patrick King

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                      Wow, you didn't like High Priest Of California? One of the best books of the genre, I thought. Almost trumps Jim Thompson. Elmore Leonard, on the other hand, leaves me pretty cold.


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    Yeah, I think I would rather read Harry Whittington or Charles Williams, neither of whom wrote a bad book,

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    If you feel this way, Don't for God's sake, read Whittington' s YOU'LL DIE NEXT. One of the worst books I read last year. It's so absurd, in the midst of the mayhem, it's actually funny. Unfortunately it was my first venture into his work, so have not been inclined to read anything else by him. The first book I read by Charles Willeford, on the other hand, was MIAMI BLUES, which I loved, reminded me of Elmore Leonard at his best. So I read THE WOMAN CHASER, THE HIGH PRIEST OF CALIFORNIA, WILD WIVES, & HONEY GAL, looking for the same high. Didn't find it. I thought the other books were awful.

    I, too, prefer to read writers I can rely on for at least a good read.

    Patrick King

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