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Date: 18 Oct 2009

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    I'm drawing a blank on You'll Die Next. I don't remember it as being good or bad, but I do remember it being reprinted a couple of times over the last twenty years. There was a Carol & Graf reprint in the 90s and I think it was included in The Dimes of Harry Whittington series.

    I really liked his "swamp" novel, though, that's appeared under a couple of different titles, one of which was A Moment to Prey.


    >> If you feel this way, Don't for God's sake, read Whittington's YOU'LL DIE NEXT. One of the worst books I read last year. It's so absurd, in the midst of the mayhem, it's actually funny. Unfortunately it was my first venture into his work, so have not been inclined to read anything else by him.
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    > I agree with Patrick on YOU'LL DIE NEXT. It was a bad novel and by no means the only bad one the very prolific Whittington wrote. Most of his novels I've read are good entertainments but only a few have real sparkle and a few are dogs. The quality of his westerns is a bit higher than his mysteries.
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