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Date: 17 Oct 2009

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    Believe me, there are many, many Americans, myself included, who agree with you about JDM. It's just that there is an audience, in America and most likely, elsewhere, for the kinds of sentimental diatribes JD MacDonald goes off on. If you have an idea and 3,000,000 people buy into it, you'll do just fine even with a 95 cent paperback edition. It really doesn't matter that 297,000,000 don't dig it, or don't even know it exists.

    Patrick King

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                      I agree with Tom Armstrong about John D. MacDonald. MacDonald must be a

    writer who has significance mainly to the American readers, since he doesn't

    resonate with me at all, and I know I'm not the only Finnish reader who

    feels the same. Apart from the cheap paperback publishers, he's had very few

    Finnish translations - I think only one from a big publisher, while Ross

    Macdonald (to pick up a writer I very much admire) had almost all of his

    sixties and seventies books translated in here.








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