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From: sonny (sforstater@yahoo.com)
Date: 09 Oct 2009

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    willeford's 'miami blues' - i think i put it off since i had seen the film, but the book was definitely worth reading even knowing what i did already. i am now starting the 2nd hoke

    vachss' 'another life' - the last of the burke series, so i went back, after burning out, as many of you have. it's not a must read, even for those who followed the series at all. similar to the ones following the first 3 or 4 classics. some great bits and parts but a lot of rehashing and not even any huge things one would need to know about the characters if you've followed them.

    thompson's 'pop 1280' - damn good as i'm sure you know. i'm now rereading his 'killer inside me' tho i'm not really remembering reading it (drugs? age?).

    i'm still reading/savoring marlowe's 'name of the game is death' slowly, on purpose. another one i found out about here.

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