RARA-AVIS: Back to basics...

From: Steve Novak (Cinefrog@comcast.net)
Date: 08 Oct 2009

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    Very strongly agree... Letıs talk again about books, writers. And all related matters (sometimes film, when linked)..letıs get back to that nice and steady flow of information...because it is mainly information that we search for... Rara is much to much becoming like a chat room, with oodles of nonsensical blabla about useless trivia, and a ratatat of answers similar to Facebookıs worst college yappings.

    We need the writers and critics back...we havenıt heard any in months really...

    I still belong after 15 years or so to Goodson, a group devoted to Nick Cave and related subjects...it has almost died for the same reasons...where there used to be info, exchanges, musicians, writers...there are now four Œloudı and vociferous college-type yappers, who are now reduced to only talk to each other...since just by seeing their names on the e-mails, one just deletes instantly...and, sadly enough, this is becoming true for Rara...

    Letıs hope the trend reverses...


    On 10/8/09 7:51 PM, "Kent Morgan" <tkmorgan@shaw.ca> wrote:
    > For worse in my opinion. I expect that the majority of long-time members, if
    > they still take the time to read the messages, would agree. I think that's
    > reflected by the fact that many members who used to post interesting
    > comments about books are now conspicuous by their absence. The list now
    > seems to be dominated by a few members, some of whom seem to find it
    > necessary to respond, often several times, to almost every thread. Some of
    > the best discussions have come in months devoted to specific writers. Maybe
    > we need to get back to that and forget about who will be the best actor to
    > portray Travis McGee.
    > Kent Morgan nostalgic for the good old days
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    > This list used to be strictly restricted to books, but for better or worse,
    > it's been expanded in recent years to include other media.
    > Ron C.

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