RARA-AVIS: Re: Leonardo DiCaprio IS Travis McGee

From: forgprod (frogprod@rcn.com)
Date: 04 Oct 2009

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    > I don't think his actual age is the issue. It's how old he LOOKS. Nicholson looked like he was in his mid-30's when he first played Jake Gittes. DiCaprio still looks like he's in his early 20's.

    just for the record - if this link works for you, you'll see a pic of Leo from the recent film Revolutionary Road -


    he can easily pass for mid-30s - his actual age

    I think many of us have our strongest image of him from Titanic, which was 12 years ago now, or Gangs of NY, which was 7 years ago

    the lad is maturing and filling out... and don't forget what miracles Hollywood can produce with makeup and lighting

    it will not be a problem for him to not look like an innocent, fresh faced kid - those days are rapidly dissappearing for him, as they are for all of us... everybody grows up

    as someone else pointed out - if there is a problem with this film, it will not be because Leo doesn't look the part, or because he cannot "act" the McGee role... it'll be if it's poorly written or directed

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