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From: Steve Novak (
Date: 04 Oct 2009

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    Please do shrug...with both shoulders.. Montois

    On 10/4/09 4:43 PM, "Patrick King" <> wrote:
    > You have missed at least two very important films: 1990's TOO YOUNG TO DIE,
    > and 1993's KALIFORNIA. If, after seeing those two films, you still hold the
    > prejudices expressed above, all I can do is shrug.
    > It sounds to me as though you've missed Pitt's best work and are judging him
    > solely on how he appears in tabloid magazines. Does he make some lousy movies?
    > Yup, just as Brando, Newman, Olivier, Mitchum, Bogart, Cagney, Barrymore, all
    > of them did. But if you've missed his best work due to prejudice fueled on
    > cliches, the fault's on you. There is nothing clean or healthy about Pitt's
    > character in KALIFORNIA. He is probably the most realistic serial killer in
    > any movie I've seen so far. Brad Pitt is one of our finest living actors. His
    > good looks are his greatest setback. It's always been easy to dismiss a
    > handsome talent. Beauty really has to try harder.
    > Patrick King

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