RARA-AVIS: Leonardo DiCaprio, Rick Helms, Jim Doherty

From: Jack Bludis (buildsnburns@yahoo.com)
Date: 04 Oct 2009

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    Eric Chambers said:

    >> if
    DiCaprio  37 then he is the right age.Google his height and he is apparently 5 foot eleven. We probably picture McGee as about 6 foot and 7 inches. But he could probably fake that. <<

    An no soapbox needed although it would be wise to chose shorter actresses.

    I may not have read all the Travis McGee novels, but probably most of them. I never pictured McGee as 6' 7", just as I never picture Sam Spade as a blond devil with a triangular face.

    If DiCaprio does the movie with the right script etc., It'll work -- No matter what Rick Helms thinks or Jim Doherty thinks.

    Note To Jim:

    Noir = Screwed, Hard boiled = tough

    See you in Indy.

    Note to Rick:

    Congrats on the sale to the biggies. I forget whether is was AHMM or EQMM, but they are both winners. Rick Helms is a winner too. Happy Anniversary, Rick.

    We'll miss you at Indy.

    Jack Bludis



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