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Date: 02 Oct 2009

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    I think he just happened to run into those roles. He's your basic Midwestern type, really. Tommy Lee Jones could be good. Now, is McGee an intrinsically interesting character? I mean, apart from providing John D. with a franchise for philosophical blather...


    I have a love/hate relationship with Travis McGee. For the most part I've enjoyed the stories. I agree that the philosophizing and the sentimentality make the character very pretentious. On the other hand, those are the qualities friends of mine who are serious McGee fans really like about him. I think McDonald's success with McGee was the factor that started diluting the PI pool with contrite former alcoholics struggling to maintain a faithful relationship with female homebodies. I, personally, find this trend very tedious. On the other hand, how can I fault McDonald for coming up with a formula that worked? I guess there's an audience out there who prefers their detectives humble and effete.

    Patrick King


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