Re: RARA-AVIS: Leonardo DiCaprio IS Travis McGee

From: Patrick King (
Date: 01 Oct 2009

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    To me Dafoe is too creepy: The Green Goblin & Wild At Heart, the psycho in THE CLEARING, he's scheduled to play Tars Tarkas in John Carter of Mars! He specializes in very strange characters. I just don't see Willem as square-jawed, sentimental ol' McGee. How about Tommy Lee Jones. Now he could carry McGee!

    Patrick King

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                      To my mind, an ideal actor to play McGee is Willem Dafoe (also one of the very best American actors for the past three decades). Now, I don't remember exactly how old McGee is in the books, so perhaps Dafoe is too old for the part. Di Caprio is a very good and very professional actor, I doubt that he will do a bad job. He may be too _young_ for the part...








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