RARA-AVIS: Re: Leonardo DiCaprio IS Travis McGee

From: forgprod (frogprod@rcn.com)
Date: 30 Sep 2009

> I hate to add a salt to the ointment but according to imdb.com, DiCaprio has 24 projects in development including "Aquaman," "Brave New World," and untitled "Twilight Zone" and "Timothy Leary" projects.
> Maybe he will be able to play the part of caretaker McGee by the time he gets around to it. He'll be 39 next month.

imdb lists his birthday as 11/11/74 meaning he will be 35 next month, not 39... still that surprises me - I still think of him as a young heartthrob... he has apparently been trying to do more mature roles lately and a late-30s McGee could work

but don't count on this ever seeing the light of day - it's not even listed among the 24 films in development on imdb and I would be surprised if even a fraction of those listed ever got made... "deals" get made all the time in Hollywood that never happen - it's the rarity among deals that we ever get to see at the multiplex

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