RARA-AVIS: Leonardo DiCaprio IS Travis McGee

From: Jack Bludis (buildsnburns@yahoo.com)
Date: 30 Sep 2009

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    OK, the latest is that Leonardo DiCaprio is to play Travis McGee.

    Given time to think, I wouldn't think of him as Travis McGee, partially I think because he plays too young to be the caretaker of wounded femmes of most McGee novels. 

    So, not having time to think about it, I would say that I could never see DiCaprio as Howard Hughes either, but the did that one pretty well.

    The DiCaprio is a better actor than many give him credit for.

    I hate to add a salt to the ointment but according to imdb.com, DiCaprio has 24 projects in development including "Aquaman," "Brave New World," and untitled "Twilight Zone" and "Timothy Leary" projects.

    Maybe he will be able to play the part of caretaker McGee by the time he gets around to it. He'll be 39 next month.

    BTW, I am anxious to see how his "Shutter Island" comes out. The trailers make it appear as if it will be straight "horror" rather than the creeping psychological horror of the novel.

    Jack Bludis


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