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Date: 29 Sep 2009

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    Didn't someone on this list a while ago mention that Robert Downey Jr. was being considered for the role of McGee? Or maybe I read about it someplace else. Either way, only a slightly better choice than Leo. Hollywood's obsession with youth rears its ugly head once again!
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    The Travis McGee novels have never been out of print, I don't think. Or if they did go out of print, it's recently. And yeah, DiCaprio doesn't exactly spring to mind when I think of McGee.

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    > I came across this in Shelf Awareness, a daily e-newsletter for people in
    > the book industry.
    > Movies: The Deep Blue Goodbye
    > Fans of John D. MacDonald's Travis McGee novels will be pleased to learn
    > that The Deep Blue Goodbye has been adapted for Leonardo DiCaprio. Variety
    > reported that Peter Chernin joins DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson-Killoran as
    > "producers on a project that has a strong draft by Dana Stevens (For Love of
    > the Game) that is drawing interest from directors. Amy Robinson is also
    > involved in a producing capacity."
    > Man.
    > I know DiCaprio has come a long way from the sort of roles I automatically
    > imagine him in. He's not the teen pinup pipsqueak of yore.
    > But Travis McGee? Really?
    > Well, at least this ought to bring some of John D.'s work back into print.
    > John

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