RARA-AVIS: Re:New Ellroy

From: Dick Lochte (dlochte@gmail.com)
Date: 22 Sep 2009

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    I'm about half-way through Blood's A Rover, which seems to be a pretty seamless pickup from Cold Six Thousand. If you liked that, which I did, you'll like part three. There are differences. Rover is funnier, IMO, there's more psychological exploration of the leads and Ellroy gives us a female character's internal monologues which I don't recall from book two. I'm not sure why I didn't notice it before, but I keep getting a Tarantino vibe from the dialogue and action. I know Ellroy's been at it longer, but I wonder if there might be a two-way influence. Has either mentioned the other? Same feeling about Ellroy-Hunter Thompson. Finally, I suspect we may be hearing some comment from Harlan Ellison one of these days about the title. Should be fun.

    Dick Lochte

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