RARA-AVIS: Re: More Likable P.I.s?

From: lindenmuthbrian (blindenmuth@gmail.com)
Date: 17 Sep 2009

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    Not PI but close: High Bloods by John Farris


    t happened quickly. Overnight, the greater Los Angeles area found itself in the horrifying grasp of a werewolf epidemic. Twenty eight days of the month they are no different than you or me--the High Bloods, who managed to go unaffected. But every full moon, they are the most ravenous creatures man has ever seen.

    A new law-enforcement agency has been created to keep tabs on the those whose blood runs Lycan. Rawson is an agent for Lycan Control, and his job is to make sure all the afflicted are found, monitored, and kept at bay the night they change. But the Lycans in Hollywood have risen to cultlike proportions, and Rawson's job is getting tougher.

    One night, a woman changes right in front of Rawson. And it's not a full moon. Someone deep in the annals of Hollywood has managed to trip the logic of the werewolves' being. Battling a rising tide of Lycan rights activists and a growing population of those who are choosing to be Lycan over High Blood, Rawson must carve a path to the top of the Lycan chain before all hell breaks loose.

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    > In that case, who's the zombie PI? Slightly preferable to a werewolf PI, but still kind of odd.

    > > I can think of a vampire PI, several, in fact, but have not yet run across a werewolf one -- are you exaggerating for effect, Fed, or is there really a vampire PI? Not sure I really want to know."

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