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Date: 02 Sep 2009

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    If you do just one of the Blue Murders, read THE RED's one of Brewer's best. 13 FRENCH STREET, though, is also very, very good. I would highly recommend reading both if you have the opportunity and interest.

    Ron C.

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    > I recently read the Hard Case Crime reprint of Gil Brewer's /The
    > Vengeful Virgin/ (it has a great cover painting too). I thought it was
    > nicely paced and well written and a good length (I like 150-200 pagers).
    > I've also just finished David Goodis's /The Wounded and the Slain/ (also
    > Hard Case Crime). I found some of Goodis's language and detail a bit
    > unlikely, and it made me groan a bit in places (for example, the
    > dialogue in the fight scene toward the end is one that springs to mind,
    > and does the way in which Goodies handles the baddy, Nathan Joyner, and
    > his penchant for the green goddess). I didn't guess the ending though--I
    > was anticipating something quite different.
    > Anyway, I've gone back to Brewer and I currently have the Blue Murder
    > double, /13 French Street/ and /The Red Scarf /on the go. I don't know
    > if I'll tear through them both, or if I'll just do one then have a
    > change, as I have a couple more Hard Case books on my recently acquired
    > pile (Shepard Rifkin's /The Murder Vine/ and John Farris's /Baby Moll/)
    > which brings me to the point of my post: does anyone have any particular
    > recommendations in the Hard Case Crime series? If so, what are they?
    > Also, does anybody know if Hard Case Crime has any particularly
    > interesting titles in the pipeline?
    > ED
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