RARA-AVIS: Literature

From: Jack Bludis (buildsnburns@yahoo.com)
Date: 01 Sep 2009

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    Jacques, MRT said--

    >>All books are literature. Most of them are bad literature, but they are not something intrinsically different from good literature. Same as for music and the other arts.<<

    I can't argue with the dictionary definition he suggests. It's just that, for me, literature is more than fiction, non-fiction or the written word. It's something above and beyond.

    Patrick's opinion is valid from his point of view and certainly by the dictionary definition--except that he can't speak for all of us any more than I can, or MRT, or anyone else can.

    In my opinion, and what I have read of Pynchon so far. He doesn't qualify as literature ... but again, that is my opinion and I don't even remember what I read of his prior to "Inherent Vice," except that it wasn't for me.

    In a competition, most of us will lose to the dictionary every time.

    Jack Bludis



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