Re: RARA-AVIS: "Inherent Vice" and Other Pynchon novels

From: Patrick King (
Date: 30 Aug 2009

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    Smile because it would be quite funny and absurd, given the chiasm between crime writers and what nobel ¹requirements¹ seem to be (in that Œstraight¹ literary/academic world context)...sneer because, if one of them got it, I would sneer at his acceptance of it, since I Œwant¹ noir writers to be Œout of the box¹...whisful thinking probably...it¹ s like seing one of your Œrebel rock idols¹ all shoock up at the despicable and ridiculous rock Hall of Fame...

    Anyway...none of it is important anyway...but the books are...


    Wait a minute, Thomas Pynchon is not a "crime writer," anymore than he's a writer of tween adventure stories (AGAINST THE DAY) or World War II adventures (GRAVITY'S RAINBOW). He works in various genres to put across his ideas about energy, physics, and their relationship to human politics. If his books can be said to be "about" anything specific, that's what they're about. His work is much closer to James Joyce than it is to Raymond Chandler. What do you think all this fuss is about?

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