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Date: 29 Aug 2009

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    Canšt imagine any of theses guys getting a Nobel Prize for Lit....I just donšt think that the prize is designed for people like them...and there is a part of me that would either smile and/or sneer if they got it...


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    >> > Don't be surprised if Pynchon win's the Nobel Prize for Literature in the
    >> very near future. Of all those who've won it previously, Pynchon most
    >> deserves it with regard to the founding principles of that prize.
    >> >
    > He deserves it, but Gaddis deserved it and he died without it. It looks like
    > Bradbury will die without it, and Elmore Leonard, too. Bradbury and Leonard
    > have readers all over the world, many million readers over a long time. But
    > they may not win it. Why would Pynchon win it? My bet is that the next
    > American to win it will be either Albee or Cormac McCarthy, both of whom
    > richly deserve it, of course. On the level at which all these guys operate,
    > it's foolish to try to pick "the best". The guys who write "genre", like
    > Bradbury and Leonard, are handicapped by snob attitudes, of what Literature is
    > versus literature, lower case.
    > mrt

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