Re: RARA-AVIS: "Inherent Vice" and Other Pynchon novels

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Date: 29 Aug 2009

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    > Don't be surprised if Pynchon win's the Nobel Prize for Literature in the very near future. Of all those who've won it previously, Pynchon most deserves it with regard to the founding principles of that prize.

    He deserves it, but Gaddis deserved it and he died without it. It looks like Bradbury will die without it, and Elmore Leonard, too. Bradbury and Leonard have readers all over the world, many million readers over a long time. But they may not win it. Why would Pynchon win it? My bet is that the next American to win it will be either Albee or Cormac McCarthy, both of whom richly deserve it, of course. On the level at which all these guys operate, it's foolish to try to pick "the best". The guys who write "genre", like Bradbury and Leonard, are handicapped by snob attitudes, of what Literature is versus literature, lower case.


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