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Date: 28 Aug 2009

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    pynchon also said that he was doing so many drugs while writing GR that he has no idea what it's about.

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    V works for me as a short story collection, but I cannot follow the novel, and I am not inspired to try again.

    The teacher I studied the novel under quoted a Pynchon interview where he said, if I understood him correctly, ultimately V doesn´t mean anything.

    I´m willing to take the author at his word.

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    > I wanted to like this book, intended to like this book, and thought I would
    > like this book, but I reached the end of Chapter Eleven and gave up. I
    > wanted to give up earlier.
    > I tried to stay with it, but the bouncing anachronisms were too much for me
    > to take. It felt that Pynchon was trying to wing his history in an "I was
    > there so what the fuck difference does it make what you think" kind of way.
    > I can't attribute his motives, only his results, and that was how it felt to
    > me. It also felt that the cause was lack of research rather than an attempt
    > at post-modern construction.
    > As for the characters? From the very beginning, I didn't care about them, I
    > could not get emotionally involved with them, and they weren't quirky or
    > funny enough to hold my attention.
    > I suppose I could go on and and on, repeating variations on my basic theme,
    > but I just didn't like the book enough to stay with it.
    > By the time I reached page fifty, I wanted to know why this guy was
    > perceived to be a great writer. I went to and read the opening of
    > several of his other books as well as their reviews. The writing in the
    > opening paragraphs of "V," "Gravity's Rainbow," "Against the Day," "The
    > Crying of Lot 49," "Mason & Dixon," and "Vineland" are excellent, and I may
    > be tempted to read another Pynchon even though I remember disliking him in
    > the past and not finishing his books.
    > I even took the radical step of trying to start over--that didn't work
    > either.
    > Of his other books, based on descriptions and Amazon reviews, I might like
    > to try "V." Any comments on "V?"
    > Jack Bludis


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