RARA-AVIS: Re: BBC4 Film Noir Doc plus short season

From: ejmd (ejmd__@ntlworld.com)
Date: 25 Aug 2009

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    > Ed, do you mean Murder My Sweet, or did it revert to the
    > novel's name in the UK? Same with Build My Gallows High,
    > which is known as Out of the Past in the US?

    Hmmm ... I've just realised that I don't know what I mean, which'll teach me not to pull stuff off blogs or web pages without checking it first. So, referring now to _The Guardian's_ weekly entertainment supplement, _The Guide_, here's what's included in BBC 4's short film noir season:

    _Farewell My Lovely_ (1944). Crime drama, starring Dick Powell.
    _The Lady from Shanghai_ (1947). Murder mystery, with Orson Welles.
    _The Big Combo_ (1955). Gangster thriller, starring Cornell Wilde.
    _Force of Evil_ (1948). Thriller, starring John Garfield.

    _Build my Gallows High_ (1947). Drama, starring Robert Mitchum.
    _Stranger On The Third Floor_ (1940). Mystery thriller, starring Peter Lorre.

    The IMDB suggests _Farewell My Lovely_ was re-titled in the US shortly after release. It still has the original title over here.

    In the UK, _Build My Gallows High_ has always had the the same title as the book upon which it is based.

    Unfortunately though, *none* of the films are accessible via the BBC iPlayer, only the introductory documentary _The Rules of Film Noir_ is available :-(


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