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Date: 22 Aug 2009

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     where I come from, chickenshit = petty.  bullshit = bogus

    I believe we'll never be able to come to a definitive definition until Jack and Jim weigh in however

    John Lau


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    I just read three (!) Elmore Leonards and didn't encounter the term anywhere that I remember. It should have stuck out, because it isn't familiar to me either.
        I wonder if it's related to "chickenshit," which is the term I grew up with rather than "bullshit." It means nothing important, just an annoying bit of nonsense that has to be taken care of, typically because someone with power over you demands it, like your boss's insistence on a weekly report that nobody, including your boss, reads or pays attention to. And to teenagers, at least then, most of life seemed to be dealing with chickenshit from parents, teachers, etc. I almost never come across this term in print, so it must have been local, like "gallivanting around."

    Joy wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I just read Elmore Leonard's City Primeval and Gold Coast in his collection
    Double Dutch Treat (I've previously mentioned that I read Moonshine War a while ago). In both novels, he uses the slang term chickenfat as an insult. I've never encount ered that outside of these 2 novels, was this in use or something Leonard made up or what?
    > I did enjoy both novels.
    > Jordan


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