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From: Kevin Burton Smith (kvnsmith@sbcglobal.net)
Date: 19 Aug 2009

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    Tapani (hey!) wrote:

    > The first Nick Crane book Murder in the Madhouse starts with the
    > detective being whisked to the loonie bin in an ambulance in order to
    > investigate a murder that occured there earlier. A hilarious novel,
    > though not quite as good as the next two in this series by Latimer.
    > There's also a Tucker Coe book, Wax Apple, where the detective
    > pretends to be crazy in order to investigate a crime committed in the
    > madhouse. Also a great novel.

    Definitely two of my P.I.-in-the-nuthouse favourites. And the Rockford episode Mark cited. Oh, and the 1948 B-noir, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, which a female reporter hires a P.I. to pose as a whack job to infiltrate an asylum where a crooked judge is possibly hiding out.

    But it's Bill Crane, isn't it? Or for some reason did they switch it in translation?

    I remember reading a lot of European BDs at one point, mostly from France, and they seemed to have very specific ideas about what American names were. A lot of Sams and Joes, actually.


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