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From: Kevin Burton Smith (kvnsmith@thrillingdetective.com)
Date: 16 Aug 2009

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    Non-French Steve wrote:

    > Common sense tells you:
    > a) Don't remake Psycho
    > b) Don't remake The Stepfather

    Good thing Huston didn't listen to

    c) Don't remake The Maltese Falcon

    Remakes are nothing new. Sometimes a remake even offers its own peculiar charms.

    And sometimes a beloved cult classic or some relative obscurity (like The Stepfather, perhaps) isn't always as perfect as its reputation suggests, and becomes beloved as much for its flaws as its high points. I'd actually be interested in seeing some of those old B flicks and Grade B noirs redone with an actual budget or a more credible cast.

    Like, I love THE DARK CORNER. It's one of my favourites. A pre-Lucy Lucille Ball was great in it, but the male lead who played the private eye was a bit of a popsicle stick. I'm not sure if any current actress could better Ball's performance, but I'd really love to see someone with a little more dramatic muscle play the male lead.

    Redoing something that's become a cultural touchstone, like Psycho or Casablanca or even The Rockford Files is, of course, asking for trouble. But with some minor obscurity most people aren't all that familiar with or attached to, I say let the cameras roll. And even if the remake sucks, it may prompt the release, as Mark pointed out, of the long lost original on DVD.

    Hell, I'd even sit through a remake of Adam Sandler as HARRY O, if it meant the release of the original series on DVD.

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