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From: sonny (sforstater@yahoo.com)
Date: 15 Aug 2009

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    i read my first chester himes (rage in harlem). damn good, which was no surprise. i'm sure i'll continue with the series.

    read the 2nd jack taylor by bruen (tinkers). liked it. wonder if the rest are sort of the same book repeated tho. i enjoy the music and book references by bruen and taylor, tho the quotes starting every single chapter, which are short, so a lot of them, can be a bit much.

    am now starting 'cutter and bone' by thornburg and 'pop. 1280' by thompson.

    i forget if i mentioned reading lehane's 'shutter island'.  i really liked it. i've never read lehane and i realize this is not his typical thing. i enjoy horror too so this was right up my alley.

    i know scorsese is filming it and that got me to thinking about whether people would choose to read a book or see the movie first, if the opportunity is there. meaning a movie comes out and you haven't already read the book. or older books and movies neither of which you've read/seen.

    i'm not sorry i read 'shutter' but obviously it will make ruin much of the film. i think i rarely choose movie vs. book consciously. i just come across one or the other first.

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