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Date: 14 Aug 2009

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    I January 88 there was the Sith Annual Key West Literary Seminar attended by many luminaries from Leonard, to Penzler, to Tony Hillerman, to Westlake, to Higgins Clark, to Willeford...but (as an attendee) I donıt remember Kurt V there.....and I was faithfully at every it wasnıt there...but at the same time (or close to it there was a writing workshop sponsored by Florida Internatnl. maybe thatıs where CW and CV met and were together on a panel...???...a few months later (april 88) CW will pass away...

    Montois reading his old xerox of the original report by Chauncey Mabe in the Sun-Sentinel dated 1/24/88

    On 8/13/09 7:03 PM, "JT Lindroos" <> wrote:
    > New Hope is correct. The letter was mentioned in the Don Herron book --
    > the two met during a panel/Q&A session during a Florida book
    > convention. There's a photo of the two on stage. Don't have it handy
    > to check exact details, but I've got a fairly good memory of this.
    > --JT.
    > Stewart Wilson wrote:
    >> >
    >> > According to Zach it was circa New Hope for the Dead, but not
    >> > specifically mentioned in the letter.
    >> >
    >> > On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 8:15 PM, Mark Sullivan<
    >> <>
    >> > <>> wrote:
    >>> > >
    >>> > > Anyone know which book would this be in reference to? I'm guessing
    >> > the letter's date of August 1985 would probably make it one of the
    >> > Hoke Mosleys, depending upon how close the letter was written to the
    >> > blurb request.

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