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From: Steve Novak (
Date: 09 Aug 2009

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    Since today is my was time for me to have a bitta fun in the morning hours...

    I have spent more time in the past 25 years at Indy an in its hotels especially during F1, Nascar or 500 races for more filming of spots of people, cars and tires than I care to think about...and those crowds, trust me officer, do get into the boos and boozes of all kinds...Didnıt see that much Œother substancesı officer, around racing folks...but the infield at Indy...oooohhhh...the infield...thank god us film crews where on the other side ofıem high fences...whooping it up next to the track... Iım sure some of these tired racers and fans will roam the Omni lobby and that your ever vigilant eye will scan with full federal efficiency for any basket cases... Iım also sure (by my small exeriences around crime writers/critics festivities in Euro) that the Bouchercon lot will have its own smattering of boozers and delinquants, since the genre seems to attract that vermine with repeated gusto...

    Good luck at Indy with your personal federally approved recreations...but donıt miss the steaks at St Elmoıs...

    Montois having a good fun start on his birthday day!

    On 8/9/09 9:37 AM, "JIM DOHERTY" <> wrote:

    > Steve,
    > Re your comment below:
    > "I love the fact that you guys thought about the gender and the smoking...but
    > nobody mentioned the boos...for crime writers/critics...this is, I assume, a
    > deep oversight..."
    > I assume by "boos" you mean "booze," that is adult beverages, not the opposite
    > of applause.
    > Booze is fine so long as you don't get loud or throw up on someone else's bed.
    > However, I AM a cop (with federal authority) and any other recreational
    > chemical is off-limits.

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