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Date: 06 Aug 2009

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    > montois, did you see film of 'fight club'?

    The resonance of that novel and film are remarkable. The topic, the emasculation of men and boys in the US. Brilliantly studied by Susan Faludi, who blew the whistle on a social engineering effort to make men like women. Predicated on the assumption that the world would be a better place if men were like women... now, this nonsense would never take root in a traditional society, where people know that the world wasn't invented yesterday and that human nature is pretty much immutable and that men and women are not particular cases of a generic "human being" made of putty. But in a world where everything is being reinvented every few years, it did take root. Especially in schools. I don't know if Chuck P. set out explicitly to take on that raging bull of a situation, but he did it. Unfortunately, his novel is likely to be misinterpreted -- I read some reviews that totally missed the central point.

    I give equal rights to my dog and my cat, but I do not assume that one would be "improved" if it were like the other... that's the confusion at the root of all this.

    Huge topic -- and I am not sure that it is entirely ON topic, but since it came up...


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