RARA-AVIS: Re: don't killers know how to close doors?

From: forgprod (frogprod@rcn.com)
Date: 05 Aug 2009

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    This reminds me - and I hate to bring it up here again, but I must - of Altman's film version of The Long Goodbye.

    Terry Lenox, after roughing up his wife real bad, and essentially framing Marlowe (who had lost his cat earlier in the film) for his murder, and most grievously perhaps to an idealist like Marlowe, pretending to be Marlowe's friend, is confronted by Marlowe in Lenox's Mexican hideout.

    Marlowe says (and here I'm depending on my increasingly aged and undependable memory) "You used me Terry," and Terry says "That's what friends are for."

    They continue - Terry says "Nobody cares Marlowe. Only you. And you're a loser."

    Marlowe replies "Yeah, I even lost my cat,"

    and then ... BOOM ... blows Terry away.

    Symmetrical, decisive, righteous, and stunningly brilliant writing by Leigh Brackett. Terry had faked his own death. He was legally already dead and one cannot be punished for killing a dead man.

    some here hate this film - I don't want to re-start the discussion - but I loved it

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