RARA-AVIS: Vietnam noir

From: Bengt Eriksson / Media I Morron I Dag (bengt@mediaimorronidag.se)
Date: 05 Aug 2009

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    Still writing about James Crumley, thinking:

    Could one say there is a "new" genre inside the noir genre that could be called Vietnam noir, possibly with the word trauma in the middle.

    There seem to be so many detectives (police or private) in (and also outside) the American noir and hard-boiled genres who are Vietnam veterans: Harry Bosch (Michael Connely), Dave Robicheaux (James Lee Burke), Elvis Cole
    (Robert Crais) and more.. ???

    And C.W. Sughrue (Crumley), as well - and most? In the Sughrue novels Vietnam seems to be alive so to speak more than in most other Vietnam
    (trauma) noir, or am I wrong?

    Och then there must be loots of Vietnam vets on the bad side in American noir fiction.

    Is it right to talk about noir after Vietnam, did the Vietnam war change both noir and hard-boiled crime writing? And what will happen after the Irak war?


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