RARA-AVIS: Matt Helm for sale

From: Busted Flush Press (bustedflushpress@yahoo.com)
Date: 04 Aug 2009

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    I'm sorry to introduce commerce into this discussion, but seeing as how I so rarely encounter a nearly complete set of Matt Helm books -- and I've worked at Houston's Murder By The Book for 20 years -- I thought this might be of interest to rara-avis people... we got all but a couple at MBTB the other day.  If anyone's interested, please e-mail me off the list at david@murderbooks.com

    Now, regarding THE ROCKFORD FILES... did I read correctly that it's Steve Carrell's production company doing it?  I REALLY hope they don't try a retro-spoof series, like that abysmal STARSKY AND HUTCH film.  Why can't they just leave successful past series alone... other than maybe BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA, have there ever been any shows that have been remade and have come close to being as successful & profitable as the original?

    Redoing the MATT HELM film series could work very well, since the Dean Martin movies didn't really resemble the original books.  It could be like rebuilding the Bond genre, going with Daniel Craig & CASINO ROYALE after Timothy Dalton & Pierce Brosnan & that god-awful DIE ANOTHER DAY!!!  My brain still aches from watching that dreck.  :-)
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