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    Kind of off-topic, but When Parton went platinum with Coat of Many Colors and left the show, Wagoner was publicly resentful. Not much later, Wagoner was on the skids and sold the rights to his songs to pay his debts. Parton, who's career was soaring, was aware of his plight, purchased those rights from whoever picked them up, at an undisclosed price, and returned them to Wagoner as a gift.

    The lady may dress like a whore but she certainly has the proverbial heart of gold.

    Patrick King

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                      While not straight from the hills, Dolly was breaking in, married and 21, compared to 40-year-old man-of-the-country Porter, when she started on his show. They sang duets, but I'd hold they stuck to singing.

    Also, those lyrics aren't about the kind of protagonists I find in the best of hardboiled/noir. They seem more like true crime melodrama types. Just my opinion.

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    > From what little I've read about their relationship, I think it was more the other way around.

    > Mark


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    > > Porter Wagoner is also credited with "discovering" Dolly Parton. I guess she taught him the cold, hard facts of life.







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