RARA-AVIS: Please Be Kind -- Don't Rewind

From: Kevin Burton Smith (kvnsmith@sbcglobal.net)
Date: 31 Jul 2009

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    So NBC is going to "rewind" Rockford?


    Without Garner, it'll just be another lame show done on the cheap that'll be ignored and trounced in the ratings by some even lamer reality show. SO YOU WANT TO BE A CELEBRITY SINGING DANCING MILF, maybe...


    they do Rockford the way it was originally done.

    With a truly solid cast, a charismatic, likeable lead (Garner is simply one of the most universally liked American actors around), clever and ambitious writers, directors and producers who had genuine knowledge and affection for the genre, and for the show they were making.

    But if they have all that, why the hell don't they just come up with their own show?

    So far, a couple of novels by Stuart Kaminsky and a string of smarter- than-most TV movies have failed to diminish our memories, and have in fact been pretty class acts, treating the original with the respect, reverence and intelligence it deserves.

    But NBC's desperate these days, regularly being trounced by the other networks and even cable shows, so I don't have as much hope for this

    What's next?

    One of the Jonas Brothers as HARRY O?


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