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Date: 28 Jul 2009

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    Um, well, okay, but if you know where the "facts" are and you're the one who wants them, then maybe you should be the one to get and share them, preferrably before coming to the conclusion that others' opinions border on the ridiculous.

    Of course, that's just my opinion.

    Best, Kerry

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        All this sounds quite a fruitless discussion without facts...and is now
      bordering on the ridiculous...
      Iım sure that there are quantitative studies that have been done about this
      at major academic institutions...I know as a fact (!!) that some researchers
      at Stanford and Pen State (sociolinguistics in particular) have been
      involved in this in conjunction with/against Education Departments findings
      or teachings...but I donıt know more than that...please give us some hard
      facts...something we can sink our voracious and murderous teeth in...!

      Thanks in advance...


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      Yeah, I've long suspected that to some extent the "boys don't read"
      observation is self-fulfilling. If a publisher comes to this conclusion, are
      they more likely to publish fiction for females to survive and profit? But
      when speculating about the effects of boys not reading books it is wrong to
      ignore other media. The article says boys have trouble understanding
      narratives and and don't appreciate fiction, but then says boys play videos,
      video games, and watch TV, narrative forms all. In these discussions
      literacy and literary are too often equated. Ironically, most of the names
      contributing to this list are male, and we're mostly about reading fiction
      after all, though I suspect that the appellation "boy" may need preceding by
      the word "old" (and certainly that preceded by the word "good") to be
      applicable here. Best, Kerry

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    > For those interested, this is a brief, useful overview of recent
    > research regarding teenage boys and reading:
    > David

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