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Date: 24 Jul 2009

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    I'm not at home so don't have the text to hand, but in the Hoopes bio of Cain, there's a passage where Cain talks about 'brothers' coming up to him in pairs (after Serenade), assuming he had an affinity with them. His response was to say something like "homosexuality is abnormal and should not be encouraged."


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    > On the subject of homosexuality the book is indeed very progressive
    > (although as a minor point of interest, its author was not).
    > ***********************************
    > I don't see how an author can write a book that is progressive and not be,
    > himself, a progressive thinker. What do you mean by this, Al?
    > Cain's predilection for women was notorious in his lifetime. Everyone
    > knows he wasn't a homosexual. But that's not the subject of your comment.
    > Patrick King

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