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From: Kevin Burton Smith (kvnsmith@thrillingdetective.com)
Date: 26 Jul 2009

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    maxjonesmillion, the alias of someone who's already on this group, wrote:

    > Something else that occured to me. Some people still have difficulty
    > seperating the author from the narrator. Because the narrator has a
    > warped sense of humor, does that make the author warped as well?
    > Referring to a negative review, one poster said "But let's face it
    > -- judging from his writing, I don't think Flexer is overly
    > sensitive." Unless the poster knows him personally, how would he
    > ever know that?

    What part of "Judging from his writing" didn't you understand? I think my qualitative is pretty self-explanatory.

    Of course there's a schism between art and artist. Do you really think all the writers here are actually tough guys?

    But I wouldn't expect a writer who uses rape and murder and sexual mutilation and defecation and vomit and urine and flatulence as running gags in his "humorous" book to be overly sensitive to a few tossed off comments about his work. And in fact, compared to some of his self-imposed defenders here, Nate didn't seem particularly upset. Mind you, that's only "judging" from his correspondence with me.

    But I can live with "brutal but honest," which is how he categorized my comments.

    And really, any writer that can't take honest criticism shouldn't really put their stuff out there for public consumption, whether they write children's books or hard-boiled crime.

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