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Date: 22 Jul 2009

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    Did stop in a Barnes & Nobles, but I never got upstairs to the books (except to check if the Parker graphic novel was out yet, which it wasn't). Blew my budget on the 50% Criterion DVDs sale, picked up Ugetsu, which I haven't seen, and Le Cercle Rouge, which I have -- can't go wrong with Jean-Pierre Melville. I also stopped in a used bookstore, but didn't find anything I wanted, which is just as well, as my TBR piles are already threatening to bury me if they fall over. Mark

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    > PI novels don't sell well in the UK, hence the thriller label for Mr
    > Clarinet. Now that Mr Clarinet has sold bucketloads, though, there'll be a
    > terrific comparative title for new PI novels, so there might be a
    > resurgence. We'll see.
    > If you made it to the bookstore, let us know how you got on.
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    > > You know, Al, now that you call me on it, I think the devaluation of the
    > > term noir (through the form of neo-noir, which seems to be applied to
    > > every post-Tarantino crime film) is more a film thing than a book thing.
    > > As you mention, thriller seems to be the marketing laebl du jour for crime
    > > novels of any sort (for instance, I mentioned recently that Nick Stone's
    > > Mr Clarinet just seemed like a straight PI novel to me -- not a putdown).
    > > I'm probably stopping in a bookstore this afternoon. I'll have to look at
    > > the covers.
    > > Mark
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