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Date: 20 Jul 2009

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    ...and I do believe that the DVD is available in this region...whatever the US region is...the proof is that Netflix has it...there were several offerings on eBay as of two months ago...but Jeff is ten minutes any 12 y.o.( if you Œown¹ one or have one available near by), will have this region thing in your receiver licked...the region thing is as absurd, as music companies or publishers trying to stop pirating...it¹s not even funny...sadly enough for writers, some are on this group...but any book, at any time,is available, for now and forever...any 12 y.o. can scan/register and then disseminate 24hrs...the technology is available and cheap, the knowledge is rampant in the young generations, the practice worldwide... I can name at least ten people in Costa Rica, France, Paraguay, Brazil...that know people, that know people... that will do John Huston said in Chinatown... Funny, I feel bad for writers and publishers but not for the music biz...musicians, I respect & to me they are like writers...but to know that the music companies are getting bypassed is great joy...since their main biz was to bypass the musicians for decades...Maybe my reaction comes from the fact that I grew up with bookstores and books all over the house and Œbook shows¹ as the nirvana of TV (Lecture Pour Tous)...


    PS: I don¹t know where Netflix has their duplication set up (somebody told me it was a duplic. outfit in Atlanta???)...but somebody over there is positively you live there...The duplication outfits that work for the oil drilling industry (platforms all over the oceans) are by far the easiest to contact and get things from...they are mainly in Asian waters nowadays, set up in old tankers anchored somewhere... Good hunting...

    On 7/20/09 6:23 PM, "Jeff Vorzimmer" <> wrote:

    > Making your DVD player region-free is a quick firmware hack. Took me
    > 15 minutes. Google it.
    > Jeff
    > On Jul 20, 2009, at 3:09 PM, Mark Sullivan wrote:
    >> >
    >> > Thanks. Alas, I don't have a region-free player. Maybe it will
    >> > inspire me to finally subscribe to Netflix.
    >> >
    >> >
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    >>> >> Here¹s the/one Derek Raymond / Gallon Drunk reference:
    >>> >>
    >>> >>
    >>> >> But in fact I just ordered it thru Netflix... and checked it out that
    >>> >> way...never saw them live but dear friends did and said that I missed
    >>> >> something good...
    >>> >>
    >>> >> Montois

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