Re: RARA-AVIS: more bar noir?

Date: 20 Jul 2009

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    My list of noir sub-genres just went up. That must be noir-category noir.

    Noir not a way of life? Since when does life-style have anything to do with, what did you call it, reality?

    Best, Kerry

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    > Noir is YOU getting screwed and doomed

      My property taxes just went up. Is that mortgage noir?

      My homeowner's insurance just went up. Is that insurance noir?

      I think labeling everyone's true-life misfortune or violence done to them as
      noir is misusing the term. Noir isn't a way of's a handy --
      albeit contextually malleable -- label for entertainment vehicles (books,
      film, et al). However, I'm not going to be the one to start another label
      war or try and/or define, as I seem them, the boundaries between reality and

      Mortgage noir. Insurance noir. So be it.

      Might make paying bills this month more fun, if nothing else.

      Ron C.


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