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Date: 20 Jul 2009

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    Very nice I haven¹t read it but many talk very highly about it in France... Check the interview and picture of DOA in ³Evene Livres² coupures-1962.php

    I¹ll just translate one bit of this interview: in the eyes of some, his biting realism, his unrelenting writing style without any flashiness or embelishments, do not fail to remind us the strength of Manchette. For some others the energy that he dispenses in each of his books and which allowed him to father a ³Citoyen Clandestin² driven at full speed for 700 pages ­ an amazing deed in itself ­ is similar to that of the best anglo-saxon writers...

    If my memory is right it was in fact Manchette who had the habit of giving exact references in his novels of what music his character was listening and three words of commentary...but the idea of the list is very intriguing..


    On 7/19/09 10:02 AM, "Karin Montin" <> wrote:

    > Yesterday I went shopping for some holiday reading and picked up some
    > French crime fiction, totally unrecommended by anyone. One of the books
    > is Citoyens clandestins, by an author who goes by the pseudonym of DOA.
    > It won "Grand prix de littérature policière" in 2007, according to the
    > broad red strip of paper wrapped around it in that French way. Not
    > having read it yet, I can't report. But one of the things that caught my
    > attention was the note at the beginning (my translation):
    > With a view to clarity, the author has included, as appendices to this
    > book, a list of main characters, a simplified organization chart of
    > French intelligence departments and a playlist.
    > The playlist at the back tells what various characters are listening to
    > on different days and the effect of the music on them. A couple of examples:
    > November 14, 2001, revolutionary Lynx was fighting to the sound of
    > Public Enemy (album: Fear of a Black Planet/track: Fight the Power).
    > November 18, 2001, calmer, Jean-Loup Servier discovered the Doves
    > (album: Lost Souls/Track: Sea song). November 27, 2001, he consoled
    > himself with Booth and the Bad Angel (album: Booth and the Bad
    > Angel/track: Dance of the Bad Angels).
    > Now I have no idea what the book is about yet (a thriller featuring a
    > journalist and apprentice jihadist) and I don't know many of the songs
    > listed, but I find the playlist a kind of cool idea.
    > Karin
    > On 19/07/2009 8:26 AM, Eric Chambers wrote:
    >> > Since we're on the subject, am I the only one who likes to soundtrack my
    >> noir and hardboiled reading?
    >> > I'm as interested in scores and soundtracks and musical themes to this
    >> genre as I am in the writing and the authors.
    >> >
    >> > Chandler, Hammett and their ilk have inspired creative work in many other
    >> genres than writing. Music, film, radio, comics, comic strips, graphic
    >> novels, fine art, posters, design, automobile design to name only the more
    >> obvious.
    >> >

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