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From: Donna (donna.moore@virgin.net)
Date: 19 Jul 2009

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    Kevin wrote re Red Right Hand and The Murder Ballads:
    > The entirety? I dunno. I tend to skip over a couple of the songs.
    > Cave, who's usually a smart and surprisingly subtle and witty artist,
    > given his frequent subject matter, just chews up the scenery a little
    > much on a few of them. The hammy overkill may work in concert, but on
    > record it just comes off as a little forced and silly.
    It definitely does work in concert. I saw the Bad Seeds last week and it was an electrifying performance. As well as the great list Kevin gave, here are a couple more of my favourite noir music examples.

    THE FLAMING STARS (not to be confused with The Flaming Lips). The lead singer, Max Decharne who wrote the non-fiction book HARDBOILED HOLLYWOOD. He's a big fan of crime fiction (as seen by the titles of some of the band's songs - You Don't Always Want What You Get, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, Face On The Barroom Floor, A Hell of A Woman, New Shade of Black, Downhill Without Brakes...songs from the bottom of a beer glass.

    THE RAMONES - 53rd and 3rd is about a male prostitute who kills his customer with a razor blade (written by Dee Dee Ramone who was, apparently, a male prostitute at one point to feed his heroin addiction). The KKK Took My Baby Away was written by Joey Ramone allegedy after ultra-conservative Johnny Ramone nicked his girlfriend. Blitzkrieg Bop with its line "Shoot 'em in the back now", Beat On The Brat which was written by Joey Ramone after she saw a mother beating her child with a baseball bat, Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue...loads of dark and twisted lyrics in their songs.

    VIOLENT FEMMES - Country Death Song - about a man who pushes his daugther into a well. "Well, I'm a thinking and thinking, til there's nothing I ain't thunk, Breathing in the stink, till finally I stunk. It was at that time I swear I lost my mind, And started making plans to kill my own kind." brrrrrrrrrr.

    THE CRAMPS - with their wonderful brand of psycho noir.

    THE HANDSOME FAMILY'S Beautiful William "Was he given a package by a man on the train? We found his car by the roadside later that day...He left his lights burning. He left his perfect lawn, His automatic sprinklers about to switch on."

    MARK LANEGAN - Methamphetamine Blues

    TOM WAITS (of course!), THE CLASH, THE SISTERS OF MERCY...I shall stop there :o)



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