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Date: 16 Jul 2009

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    By almost Woolrichian coincidence I just finished "Badge of Evil" - or at least the Swedish translation thereof. Nope, the creepy motel scene from the movie is not in the novel. The only motel in the novel is very peripheral and only serves as the alibi for the initial suspects that makes the assistant D.A. suspect that these two veteran homicide detectives are somewhat suspect themselves. Great great novel, but Welles nevertheless managed to improve on it.


    Not really motels, but are any of our French contributors familiar with the French hotel chain F1? Seems to me they could serve as setting for some interesting literature of the RARA-AVIAN kind. Ultra cheap, only providing the most basic of accommodations, catering mainly to truck drivers or people only interested in an overnight stay, and usually located in some run down industrial outskirt of town.




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    And there are those creepy motel scenes in Touch of Evil -- are they in the Whit Masterson novel it's based on, Badge of Evil

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