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Date: 15 Jul 2009

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    Le Jour se Lève is also my favorite. Interestingly enough to me is the fact that these movies underlined the individual, as opposed to the collective, in direct contrast to the socialistic/fascistic political culture of those pre-WWII days. Akin perhaps to movies in the US during the Great Depression, which also glorified the individual amidst the social/socialistic undertakings of the New Deal era. Existensialism before its official birth date. jpj On Jul 15, 2009, at 10:42 AM, jacquesdebierue wrote:

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    > > A digression from motels noirs, but in line with noir transient
    > > dwellers: "Hotel du Nord", the Marcel Carné 1938 classic movie,
    > > complete with doomed lovers, cynical pimps and whores.
    > > jpj
    > Great movie. Carné did have a poetic noir sensibility. Le jour se
    > lève is probably my favorite example. I notice, with astonishment,
    > that many of the greatest French directors from that era are today
    > virtually unknown in the US -- Carné included. This is ironic, in
    > the age of Netflix. Polish cinema is in a similar situation, despite
    > being more available than ever if you look in the right places.
    > mrt

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