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Date: 15 Jul 2009

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    Ballard's short stories in the UK have been collected in a HB as Complete Stories, the PB is in 2 volumes. I'll have to check at home in which volume it is and get back to you. I seem to remember that the story first appeared in 'Myths of the Near Future'.

    Sean Shapiro

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    Is this available anywhere...sounds very interesting especially from Ballard...? montois

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    > Maybe it's noir, maybe it's not. What about JG Ballard's short story 'Motel
    > Architecture' , described by Jason Cowley in The Observer:
    > "In 'Motel Architecture' a man called Pangborn retreats from the world,
    > spending his days alone in a solarium, amusing himself by endlessly replaying
    > the shower sequence from Psycho on a bank of television screens (this story
    > was written in 1978, before the age of video and digitised surveillance
    > cameras). One day, he discovers there is an intruder in the solarium, eating
    > his food and sharing his private space. Sometimes he catches glimpses of the
    > intruder, his spectral presence and shifting shadows. Then a cleaning woman is
    > found murdered in the solarium, lying in the 'familiar postures he had
    > analysed in a thousand blow-ups'. Pangborn is terrified until, in a moment of
    > blazing self-revelation, he realises he has always been alone in the solarium,
    > that he is his own intruder, a stranger to himself and perhaps now a murderer,
    > too."
    > Sean Shapiro
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