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From: jacquesdebierue (jacquesdebierue@yahoo.com)
Date: 14 Jul 2009

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    > a few classics that i've finally read and need no introduction here.
    > the friends of eddie coyle - higgins
    > i was dora suarez - raymond
    > the burnt orange heresy - willeford
    > all deserve their classic status.

    They do. It's been a while since I've read The Friends of Eddie Coyle, but I do remember the impact... great book, ultrahardboiled. I would almost say that Higgins out-Hammetts Hammett. Higgins gets too little recognition. He wrote a fair amount, complex books written with verisimilitude and a fine ear for how people talk. Also mined the field of corruption, which tends to be interesting regardless of the era.

    And Heresy may be my favorite Willeford book, definitely classic.



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