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Date: 13 Jul 2009

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    > > -I too abandoned Blood Meridian. Yeah, the US has a tradition of violence,
    > > I get it, but beyond realizing that point, it was a boring book.
    > >
    > > Jordan
    > Jordan-
    > "Evil is an unstoppable, extremely violent juggernaut and good is completely
    > ineffectual by contrast."
    > There.
    > I've just summarized NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN in much the same vein.

    Why do you want to summarize it? There's a lot going on in that book, voices, lots of things. I don't see why one needs to be in a hurry and summarize... The point of reading (and not just of reading)is to make it last, not wrap it up neatly. And if the book is good, it will likely be slippery - as second and successive readings show. Maybe that summary was all wrong and it's about somebody else.

    Remember that all the books you read are about you! And you change constantly...


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