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Date: 12 Jul 2009

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    You've stated it beautifully, Lawrence -- that's the kind of setting that seethes with noir potential. Not the Holiday Inns or Ramadas of today, but the old roadside court motels, owned by a mom-and-pop...or a lady with a dark and deadly secret. One floor of attached units, two floors at most. Maybe a couple dozen units...though less is better. Ahh, they just don't make 'em -- or write 'em -- like that anymore.

    Ron C.

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    > I just love getting emails with Motel Noir in the subject line. I think
    > something inherently noir about motels. I was just reading a Stark novel,
    > Parker thinks about how, while he's working, he likes motels where they
    take his
    > cash, show him the ice machine and leave him alone. And I think of motels
    > places where people can be anonymous, like those motels on the coast where
    > Black Dahlia went for her various assignations. Or all those motels along
    the El
    > Camino Real, the old ones with keys attached to diamonds of plastic
    > that you drop it in a mailbox if you forgot to turn it in, the motels with
    fake Spanish
    > tile roofs that all seemed to be named El Rancho.
    > Here in the town where I'm currently living, an old motel with the name
    Angel Motel
    > was torn down and replaced with a KFC. Maybe better for the local
    economy, but
    > not so good for storytelling opportunities. Well, we've still got the
    Buckeye Budget
    > Inn on the edge of town.
    > Lawrence
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    > While it's books with a motel setting that Ron Clinton is looking for, I
    > can't help thinking that he and others on the list would enjoy the photo
    > series titled The Life and Times of the American Motel that has been
    > on the blog If Charlie Parker was a Gunslinger, There's be a Whole Lot of
    > Dead Copycats. Motel #11 was posted July 5th. The website is
    > Kent Morgan
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